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Can I register an order and left it incompleted?

Certainly,you can.If the order is not complete it is possible to keep it held over selecting the icon “ incomplete” instead of confirming it.In any moment it wil be possible to modify and complete it.

Can private users buy from the web-site?

Private users,after being registered, can find in the sections “ Distribution system”, the G.F.N. dealers of their area.If they do not find any authorized dealers in the neighbourhood ,they will be automatically recognized as retail buyers and can order directly in our point of sale in Campodarsego(Padova).

How can I register myself?

In order to know prices and to buy, you must register.Click on the link”RESERVED AREA” and follow the instructions.
You will be requested to give all the information for the invoice and for the delivery of your order.
Then you will receive from us an email message about registration confirm,after it you can go to the reserved area simply type your USERNAME and PASSWORD used during the registration process.

How can I return an item?

G.F.N. recognizes the right of withdrawal according to the Italian Legislative Decree 22/05/99 no.185 referred to the contracts: the customer has the right to withdraw from an on line contract within 10 working days from the date of receipt of the goods, or also before the delivery but, in any case, within 10 working days from the purchase.
The process of the withdrawal is the following:
1)Send ,within the above mentioned terms,a recorded delivery letter with advice of delivery to G.F.N. Srl –Via Frattina,3-35011 Campodarsego (Pd),indicating your purpose to withdraw from the purchase.
You have to inform us about the detail of you bank(name,agency name,IBAN code,account’ s number) where you prefer to receive the refund.
2)You must return to the same address,by courier carriage paid,the items complete and including possible accessories and owner’s manual: it must be put in an appropriate packaging(do not use the original box which contained the item),in order to guarantee its integrity during the transport.
The sender agrees that the goods described are carried at its own risk.
3)The paied amount(excluding transport freights and possible bank charges) will be credit asap and within 30 days from the receipt of the recorded delivery letter or of the goods.

How do I find the products I am looking for?

To find a product among the” categories” you have to click on the icon and all the items contained will appear in the middle of the page.If you have a printed GFN catalogue you can type the code,in the frame “search” and press enter.
You can also use key words to find out the products.
Once you receive the answer from the server, it will be possible to sort the current search results, by “PRODUCT”,”UNDER-CATEGORY” or “CATEGORY”.Once you find the required article click on the”BUY”icon to put it in the virtual trolley.

How do I make use of the guarantee?

All purchased items are covered by an official guarantee of the producer.According to the law, the guarantee lastes 24 months for private users,12 months for sales to companies.
To get the warranty service you have to keep the purchase documents, cash slip or invoice, which must be delivered together with the packaging, and you have to put in contact with our customer service (049 9200196) or by email to our address

How long does it take to receive the ordered items?

Approximately an on –line order is delivered to the courier within 48 hours.
The courier delivers more or less within 3 days(5 days for isles).Pay attention that the medium time of delivery of the Post is about 12 days.

What do I have to do on receiving the goods?

When the courier delivers the goods you must check:
1)The package must be intact, not damaged, wet or in any case corresponding to the standard characteristic of a package.
2)The number of the packages indicated in the transport documents must correspond with the really received number.

What do I have to do to make a complaint?

You can make a complaint by telephone contacting our customer service at the number 049 9200196 or by email to our address .
We will send by fax or by emai a form of “authorization to return”: it must be filled up and sent by fax to our number 049 5564050.
We will send you the number of authorization (RMA) or let you know about other information.

What happens if the ordered item is sold out?

If at the time of the receipt of the order, one or more items are not available,G.F.N. will contact the customer by telephone informing him about the waiting time and/or the availability of similar articles which ,according to quality/price,will be equivalent to those ordered.

What kind of payments are accepted?

Mode of payment:in advance trough bank transfer or cash on delivery.
The payment through bank transfer becomes compulsory for orders which amount is more than € 1.000,00 ( for greater safety the forwarder does not accept cash on delivery for more than € 1.000,00).
Payment on delivery: for Italy only.
In case of sales to foreign customers, we accept only payment in advance through bank tranfers.

Which are your shipping methods?

The delivery of orders is done by express couriers like TNT or EXECUTIVE ,the forwarding expenses will charged in the invoice.If the customer has an arrangement with other forwarding companies, he must specify doing the order.